What Your Lips Say About Your Health

Our lips say everything about our health. They reflect our mood, our body temperature, and even how we feel when we’re sleeping or eating. They are a window into our well-being and are very important to keep in mind when we’re feeling unsure of ourselves (or with our health). The relationship between our lips and … Read more

What’s Causing My Blue Lips? – Healthline

A common condition that affects a person’s ability to make decisions, but most of all, their ability to control what comes to the decision-making process. This condition is called blue lip. The problem can be diagnosed by seeing a doctor or a medical professional who specializes in this condition and usually requires medication to treat … Read more

How can I make my black lips pink permanently

If you’re a woman, chances are we all have been told about the dangers of over consumption of makeup. We’ve seen so many beauty brands and campaigns pushing us to use products (particularly products meant for women) that it can be hard to find anything else to use when trying to make some beautiful glowy … Read more

How can I make my lips pink permanently

The lips is a beautiful and complex part of the face and is hard to achieve naturally in one night. It consists of two layers with an inner layer called the mons pubis, the outer layer is named the labial fold like in a smile. Now, I’m going to break down that inner two-layer into … Read more

Signs Your Lips Are Giving You

Some people can be in a position where they look great all the time. Other’s are always looking for ways of looking better and going overboard with makeup. Either way, there is a place I feel like we can use makeup to enhance our beauty, but some signs that your lips aren’t showing up on … Read more

Ways to Get Healthy-Looking Lips

 I know, I know, pouty or dry, lips are super annoying. I just can’t say no to lip gloss. This beauty product keeps my lips hydrated and looks adorable. You might be thinking, “what’s the point of a natural lip gloss anyway?” Well, you can buy skincare products that look good, they may be good … Read more