Diabetes and Eye Problems and reason

Diabetes is the most common chronic disease. It is an autoimmune disease that occurs due to a body’s inability to resist the destruction of the blood vessels due to the partial killing of the beta cells.

This causes elevated blood sugar levels. The Beta cells make sugars which enter the cells and become stored in the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas. When this happens, the beta cells stop producing insulin. The body’s immune system puts it down. It is a mysterious disease that is diagnosed differently because people think they have a heart attack or cancer. The two will usually be explained differently. When you become diabetic, you will be told by your doctor that you have diabetes. Your food will be made special to your health.

What are the symptoms of diabetes?

Most people will never get someone to diagnose them. There is no specific warning. Symptoms may be hard to notice even with a doctor. These might be related to a build up of fats in your body. You have blood on your hands and feet. You have frequent urination.

You have weight gain and kidney problems. You might have unexplained weight loss or even swelling in your eyes, belly, or back. You might have weight loss or very sharp or rapid weight changes. Your breath is forced or cold. You have poor coordination or feeling dizzy.

Your skin is dry. You have skinny hair. You have swollen legs or feet. Your bladder is quiet or smaller than usual. Your feet are feverish or achey. Your forehead and nose are dry. Your skin is dry. Your hair is brittle or is thin. You have wet fingers or toes. You also have red and shiny skin. You have weakness or loss of energy. You don’t feel well and can’t sleep at night. You feel thin.

You have fever, hives, dry skin, joint pain, skin rash, constipation, shortness of breath, joint swelling, weight loss, increased urination, hypoglycemia, enlargement of the liver, changing bowel habits, numbness or numbness of hands and feet, and lost feeling of limbs. Most people have symptoms all over. These symptoms are hard to notice if they are easy to notice. They could be sign of strokes.


Diabetes means there is a high risk of different types of blood clots and cardiovascular problems. This is not just a problem for younger people with diabetes. It can be a life changing condition. At the time of a person’s life expectancy is only a few years. These risks of diabetes are serious. Those who have diabetes live shorter lives than those who do not have diabetes. The cause of diabetes is unclear, and therefore no one is a sure bet of whether they will have diabetes.

Diabetes is considered a treatable disease. Early detection saves your life. There are always four to five steps to avoid diabetes. These steps are:

Don’t drink more than one or two cups of water or any food or any beverage. Don’t eat too much junk food. Keep a normal weight. Never eat fried food. Some people can put foods that are bad for you in their diet. Eat a balanced diet. Choose foods which are high in protein or carbohydrates. Eat fruits and vegetables. Cut out junk food. Don’t smoke.

Some doctors can diagnose diabetes. If you think you have diabetes, your doctor will show you if you have any of the following: low oxygen levels in your body, high cholesterol, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood glucose, high blood sugar levels, coronary artery disease, liver disease, diabetes related to kidney function, renal disease, and musculoskeletal conditions. If you have any of these symptoms, then you need to do a blood test to be seen immediately. Your doctor will determine which drugs to give you.

If you feel unwell, call your doctor right away. All the drugs needed are available. The doctor will check you. He will also send you to a specialist, if necessary. If you feel your condition is getting worse, you need to call your doctor’s office immediately. If you feel that you cannot go out of your house or home, then you need to stay home. Also, ensure your house is free of risk and all the things that can cause you to get sick are out of your way.

Also, if you are someone who is getting sick, use a bedpans or shower head. You should call your doctor’s office immediately.

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