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It’s not a secret that we all need to look great, and with healthy nails there is no stopping us from looking good! And it turns out that nail health is a big deal indeed – both physically and mentally. According to medical practitioners, the health of our nails affects everything else in our lives – from our ability to grip objects, to our energy levels and even the way we walk. But what does this really mean? Are we just getting stronger? Is it time for a boost in our mood and mental strength?

Or are we simply turning into a manic-like creature! Well, if you’re anything like me at home (honestly I’m at my wits end), then maybe our nails could be one of the reasons why we can’t stop smiling like they used to! In fact, research indicates that, in general, people who have healthy nails are happier, healthier and more socially engaged – by far the best explanation as to why we all seem so happy and content. So, how do we get these amazing digits? Can we just buy them online? What is their use? How do they help us live better longer?! Let’s take a closer look!

To start with, let’s consider the importance of healthy nails. As already mentioned before, nails play a crucial role in our physical appearance, energy levels, and overall health. But did you know that your nails play a big part in your psychological well-being as well as our emotional wellbeing? While we may not always see eye-to-eye with each other when it comes to nails, one study has found that healthy nails can actually increase self-confidence. It’s been proven that having healthy nails can also improve social skills. One study conducted at Stanford University reported that participants who had a strong first mover advantage (a measure of being able to initiate things) were in the top 5 most likely to interact with others, while those without natural nails were only the 2nd most likely.

Another report published by Harvard University revealed that individuals who are naturally prone to stress and anxiety have higher confidence. There are studies in the past indicating that nails are linked to increased productivity. So, how on Earth could this possibly be true? The answer, according to experts, lies with the blood flow to the hands. A strong blood circulation is said to carry nutrients to the brain to enhance motor skills and help reduce stress. This same technique, of course, applies to those who are suffering from depression and anxiety. All of these points suggest that nails play an important role in improving the quality of life for those around us. In fact, a study conducted by the European Society of Clinical Nutrition suggested that the amount of vitamin C one nails contains should be enough to protect against heart disease.

With Vitamin C, our joints are strengthened. We don’t just become more muscular or fitter, but can also prevent arthritis. Our nails, along with hair, make up approximately two thirds of our skin. So they can affect our entire entire body, and without them we wouldn’t see a reason to smile either! Plus, some nails are known to act as a form of resistance against cancer – with researchers suggesting that nails increase our self-awareness and help keep our bodies moisturized. And according to many cosmetic dentists, there is evidence showing that nails can boost collagen production. And now, it turns out that the very thing we’ve always dreamed of was possible… thanks to science! That’s right, our nails are full of proteins that actually contribute to our collagen production! Not only does our nails make us less prone to catching the common cold and fatigue, they also produce Vitamin D! Which means we receive a boost in immune systems, which is essential to combating serious illnesses such as Alzheimer’s. Now that’s pretty cool! Isn’t it?!

Let’s return to wanting to look great! Unfortunately, the sad truth is that with age, unfortunately we tend to lose several pounds that are easily visible on our nails, including the ones we use to build our nails! On the other hand, here is the perfect solution for everyone! There are countless websites offering different types of products designed to help strengthen nails.

However, one site called No nails? Your worst nightmare! is probably one of the biggest names offering a variety of nail strengthening products. They claim to offer the fastest, simplest, and safest way anyone can use. All of their products are formulated especially for adults and kids and are safe to use, and in good health too! For instance, you won’t find any harmful chemicals, parabens, parabluxitin, pesticides, toxins, or benzoyl peroxide! Just a few minutes away from finding the perfect solution for your nails needs can you experience peace of mind and calmness by yourself, as soon as you visit the website. All of their products are created using a scientifically recognized patented technology known as NanoTech. Through it, their scientists create tailor made nano fibers to fit all of their various types, which are composed of a combination of silicone latex, nafion, titanium dioxide and various organic extracts. These nano fibers are then infused into your nails with water and gently brushed onto your fingers to strengthen their bonds.

Additionally, through it, they claim to combine vitamins B and K, E, P, and Z with amino acids and fatty acids to stimulate them and bring about stronger nails! And they do so with no harm to your joints! So, when you’re searching for new products, which help strengthen your nails quickly and safely, maybe a little further down this list would be something called Natural Nails.

This brand promises to give you a powerful blend of anti-aging benefits, natural ingredients such as selenium crystals, chamomile mushroom extract, and keratins. Also, for extra protection from the sun’s rays, it boasts to have antioxidants and anti-aging supplements that will leave you looking rad-strong! Not to mention that you get double the benefit of its popular name! You get a lifetime warranty on all products offered. If that doesn’t tempt you, they have another product known as SuperNails which uses proprietary technologies to create nano fibers customized to fit different types of nails. By incorporating the finest super fibers, it ensures that your nails will be strong and long lasting! Wow! How can you ever go wrong with one of the best products for women like this available online?!

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