How can I make my lips pink permanently

The lips is a beautiful and complex part of the face and is hard to achieve naturally in one night. It consists of two layers with an inner layer called the mons pubis, the outer layer is named the labial fold like in a smile. Now, I’m going to break down that inner two-layer into four different steps. All the steps are covered below.

1. Let’s start with what you should know about your lips

First of all, there must be some kind of condition that makes your lips pinky. You need to have thin lips more than 1.5cm from your lip line. Then there is something that prevents your lips from getting too dry. A good thing is this isn’t as essential as it should be as I’ve found my own way to make my lips pink without touching them so that it can go back to normal. You’d want to be taking medications for that as well because this helps to strengthen the blood vessel walls in your lips and it decreases inflammation. So why not try making your lips pink by giving yourself pills. I used oral medication called fadipine to make sure my lips were pinky enough for me to continue wearing them. Another benefit of oral drugs is they tend to cause less side effects. And sometimes if you take one pill before bed time you get a lot fewer side effects than doing it after. That’s why you see people who take tablets or chew gum. Both are fantastic options for helping to make your lips pinky again.

2. Choose the lipstick

Now we can cover lipstick. Many women use lipstick when they need to look pretty but what kind of lipstick can help with it? The best option for most of us (and men) is a matte lipstick. This means no gloss and no color. You can just see the texture of the lipstick on the lip and when it looks smooth like silk, this one would work great. If you notice a little bit of redness when using lipstick, then do not immediately go for liquid colored lipstick. Some shades of liquid lipstick like lilac and magenta can cause more bleeding on the lips and can turn the lip reddish. Don’t use liquid lipstick if it’s darker but don’t be afraid to use another shade for once because you may also need another set.

The trick for lipstick is to choose a shade similar to your lipstick. One shade or two shades lighter than your lipstick should be perfect to use. You have a choice of colors when picking lipstick; if you choose something dark like black or red, I would suggest choosing darker shades of lipstick. Also, if you opt for liquid lipstick, the lipstick will stick to your lips while the lipstick goes out of it’s job or gets lost. Pick a shade that works more like the lipstick color you’re trying to match. For example, if you have light brown lipstick on, you have to pick another shade with light brown to match it with your lipstick. Now, if you have orange lipstick, it won’t match orange lipstick or vice versa. To pick up the lipstick from the lipstick from your mouth you need to swipe it across the lipstick to remove it from the lips. By wiping off lipstick first, you prevent bleeding on your lipstick. If bleeding occurs before you wipe it off first you can end it on your lips so you have to cleanse them of the lipstick first.

3. Give Yourself Perfume

Your lipstick won’t match your other half’s any day. Your lipstick or other body parts won’t match yours either and you aren’t even going to smell good enough to blend into my other half. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use perfume! After all, we still talk about beauty and being able to breathe through the nose but how are lipsticks supposed to make you smell great while on the contrary, it smells bad and smells like you are chewing gum? No breathable air. Well, I hope I helped you feel good about whatever makeup tool you decide to use. Just remember, never wear anything else than a protective mask. Covering you mouth and nose from germs is essential.

4. Put On Weight Loss Face Mask

If you’re looking to be healthier that has a better fragrance than the brand name, which is definitely possible but it might cost a little extra money as opposed to eating healthily. If you’re just starting, I recommend you buy a face mask with at least 20% fruit juice concentrate. Most masks provide you with 5-10 drops every hour. There are masks for many types of skin, I recommended buying a face mask that protects against eczema, cystic lesions, asthmatics, psoriasis, hives and sunburn. I’ve found this mask in an Amazon seller for a reasonable price. Not only does it protect you from all sorts of other things in your life such as protecting against dust, dust mites, bacteria, viruses and much more, but it smells amazing.

5. Apply Lipstick

I’ve mentioned above that lipstick doesn’t always have to be ugly because of the way lipstick looks on the lips. Sometimes lipstick looks beautiful by itself. Like when lipstick is done right. And I’m not talking here about lipgloss because lipgloss definitely is an ugly experience and is painful. When it comes to lipstick, let me tell you in two words- pigmented lipstick and glossed lipstick. Pigmented lipstick looks gorgeous but it’s definitely harder to find the pigment needed to paint the lipstick glossy. Glossed lipstick is more likely you can find this but you can even find pigmented lipstick in high-end brands like Chanel or MACS (yes, you guessed correctly) and these brushes out your lipstick in seconds. Because of its hardness, the lipstick doesn’t stick to your lips as often as they did when it was soft as it’s more resistant to scratches. If you’re looking to really make it fun, you can use eye shadow and liner for lipstick.

These are usually cheaper and easier to find online and in person. Even though in today’s society everyone knows lip liner and eye shadows are almost completely sold over the internet, I encourage you to always keep a small travel size of their product in case you need to go on vacation. I love the new eye shadow brush made for lipsticks and brush that costs around $90. They come in a tube a shade like milk chocolate, blue plum or navy blue and all can be worn separately. This brushes out any lipstick that has clogged it in seconds. However, if you’re serious about lipstick you should purchase this brush. It’s easy to use, very nice, cheap and does wonders for lipstick. They come in lots of sizes, but in my experience, you can get them in a smaller tube to store in the refrigerator.

6. Take Out Wrinkle In Your Nose

It’s a simple idea, but you probably realize your nose wrinkle looks ugly before it actually begins to show up. I’ve noticed that when you take out wrinkles using plastic razors, the effect is less dramatic than if you get rid of the wrinkles with a plastic razor. That’s probably why plastic razors are preferred. Of course, they aren’t perfect, but let me explain. Plastic razors are soft and fluffy and will help to shed skin cells and shed dead cells. Plus, they’re lighter and won’t leave an imprint under your nose in the form of a scar. You can shave your nose and have it done the next day and get straightened hair too. With these methods being quicker than plastic razors, they are the only ones who might appreciate those results. You can also consider using coconut oil instead of synthetic shaving cream. Do it for extra, it’s super effective and affordable.

7. Use Essential Oils For Your Eyes

Oily eyes are generally considered to be the best. But the truth is you can’t trust fatty oils. Yes, I said you can trust fatty oils on your eyes, but you’ll pay a higher price when compared to essential oils. Some of the oils that are better for your vision include lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, elderberry, gorgoulia, cedarwood and jasmine. Lavender and peppermint have natural anti-aging properties but the problem is the chemicals they contain are toxic. Eucalyptus can have antibacterial agents, which fight germs and keep your eyes clear longer. Jasmine has anti-aging properties but is quite harsh for your eyes and requires regular protection, which I’ve found, is the only reason I like its scent.


Being happy with your lipstick and wanting to try something new is always possible without having to eat anything fancy or follow some kind of prescription. Never try to force yourself to be everything some fancy company wants you to be. Always try yourself and experiment with makeup and don’t always think your lipstick is going to change when you switch to lighter shades. You might be surprised how much the lipstick will change. We don’t all have to worry about our lip lines being sagging and our eyes becoming tired and wrinkled if we give ourselves lipstick and eye candy. Follow the steps above for a few months and you’ll understand how you can easily achieve that.

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