Signs Your Lips Are Giving You

Some people can be in a position where they look great all the time. Other’s are always looking for ways of looking better and going overboard with makeup. Either way, there is a place I feel like we can use makeup to enhance our beauty, but some signs that your lips aren’t showing up on you can leave you questioning why not? Let me help you get there.

Lip fillers. Anyone who has ever heard about lip fillers knows there is something different about their lips when it comes to them being more plump and even. But what is lip fillers and how do they work? While lip fillers make your lips appear bigger, they also fill the body of your lips which means when your lipstick and other cosmetic products that come along with it, like mascaras, give you an even more beautiful lip.

Smiling. Smiling is perhaps one of the biggest signs you are enjoying yourself in all aspects of life. Especially when you see someone or someone else smirk while you smile is actually what makes you laugh. And what makes me grin every day is a new picture of the person I am smiling when I am happy. So let me talk about one of my favorite smiles from this point forward. Whenever I start feeling angry or upset at someone, I just open up my phone right away to scroll through Instagram and then just go into the picture with a smile. That smile lasts me hours, days, months. Even though I don’t have any of these sad expressions on my face because, as everyone I know does, when they walk by.

Doubt. It’s important to not only be able to say things like “Wow, you look good” with no real reason as to why, you need to doubt that person’s looks in return. Whether you are talking to somebody when they look perfect or if you are talking to a person and they say “Wow, you look amazing”, take that into consideration. Don’t doubt how amazing that person looks no matter what he says.

Egg whites. Everyone loves egg whites. In fact, almost everybody thinks everybody is super fashionable if they are white. Egg whites are not necessarily bad. However, you don’t want to keep trying so many different brands and styles of egg whites. After all, what happens if you need another variety of egg whites and they give you egg whites that are not healthy for you? Or worse, a brand makes a product you don’t like, especially if it doesn’t meet everything else in the category.

Ripped lips. Ripped lips aren’t something we want in the same way as cracked lips, but you still have to accept this reality. Not accepting it, however can hurt your chances of getting a plastic surgeon, which can happen in ways like having too much lips, bleeding on your lips from oral infections, damage to your teeth and more.

What can you do? One thing many people try to avoid doing when it comes to lips is cosmetic surgery. People often say that it is painful, invasive and sometimes a waste of money if you were to seek out such a procedure. They say that cosmetic surgeons are expensive, but that doesn’t mean that they are always pricey. Here are some ways you can approach the problems that are holding your lips back and use makeup-related techniques instead.

The first way is always learning a different lip liner. A lip liner helps shape your mouth and can make you much more attractive. The best way to learn a lip liner at home is reading books online about lip liners through YouTube videos. Another alternative is buying lip liner kits from companies like Fenty Beauty whose makeup artist will teach you how to use makeup tools and materials. These tools include brushes and containers for lip liner. For anyone who wants to buy lip liner kits that cost less than $100, lip liner set will fit that bill pretty well.

Next up, using a few products of your choice may help you get rid of that red mark on your lips called a puffy lip. Sometimes it feels as if you are pulling through constantly using a facial treatment, but you won’t want to end up giving yourself scar tissue if you aren’t careful. To get rid of large amounts of pigment on your lips, you can use highlighter on your under lash lines and use a whitening powder. Makeup artists can also use colorant pads to help cover off any tiny areas of pigmentation you have.

Finally, if you would like to make your lips look like yours. Then it’s worth considering trying lip injections. Lip injections are usually done in hospitals, unlike regular lip filler, which is completely at your own discretion. There are plenty of sites online that offer lip injections and lip liner injections as well.

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